The best time of the year to visit Tuscany

With its mediterranean weather, Tuscany has become one of the most attractive destinations also for climatic reasons. However, during certain periods of the year the heat can become almost unbearable, and that is why it is often suggested to visit Tuscany during spring and right after summer, between September and October. But is it truly the case? Is there one time of the year which is better than the rest? We are about to find out!


As already mentioned, spring is one of the favourite periods of the year of many tourists who plan to go on holiday to Tuscany. Days get longer, temperatures are warm but rarely reach more than 20°C and landscapes are simply perfect to be looked at and visit. You can easily go on the evocative Tuscan hills by walk and you will experience a pleasant breeze that will accompany you along the way, or you can go sightseeing for the whole day without having to stop for the extreme heat of the summer or the typical rains of autumn.


It is warm, crowded and noisy. It is probably the worst choice to go sightseeing, since temperatures are able to reach 35-40°C and in order to access the most famous cultural attractions you will have to wait endless hours in the line. However, summer can be a great time to visit Tuscany as well. You simply need to stay away from cities and choose a place on the hills, such as the many villas offered by Tuscany Now and More, or a house close to the beach, where you can spend most of your days swimming and relaxing under the beach umbrella.


As much as spring, autumn is considered to be a great time to visit Tuscany. Once again, temperatures are mild and pleasant, it is easier to visit cities, certainly less crowded than the summer months, and you can enjoy shades of yellow and red that make trees and forests as fascinating as anything you have ever seen. In addition, if you decide to go in September, not only you are still in time to enjoy the beach, you even have the advantage of finding these beautiful and vast expanse of sand more quiet.


Winter is probably the most underrated season to visit Tuscany. Obviously, temperatures can get low (around 7°C from January to February) and can prevent you from enjoying nature, but the upsides are far more than you could expect. Winter is simply perfect for those who are deeply interested in the artistic and cultural beauties of Tuscan cities, which are dramatically less visited. Therefore, you probably won’t have to wait hours in line in order to visit the Uffizi or Pisa’s Tower.

And have you ever thought about having a wine tasting absorbed by the typical Christmas atmosphere, with those cold, sometimes snowy evenings and the warmth of the various wineries and their owners, always ready to make you feel at home with delicious food and a nice chat? You haven’t? Perhaps you should!

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