What You Should Know Before Solo Kayaking

Like many water sports, many people feel it is safer to go kayaking with a group. There is nothing like being able to share the good times and fun memories of kayaking with your friends or family; not to mention the feeling of safety. Solo kayaking can be safe as well

What You Should Know Before Solo Kayaking

To be truthful, there is something to be said about solo kayaking down a beautiful nearby stream or even a local lake. Kayaking alone removes the distractions that may otherwise cause you to miss the beauty of your natural surroundings. Going solo allows you to observe important aspects of the waterway such as how fast the way is flowing, bends, shoreline conditions, and even what lies beneath the bed of a clear water spring.

Read on to learn how to safely, experience the best of solo kayaking.

What You Gain When Kayaking Solo

There are a lot of things kayakers take for granted when going as a group, the main being essential kayaking skills. Below is a list of skills and perks you gain by kayaking solo.

  • You have a spare paddle.
  • You learn the skill of launch and landing on your own.
  • You learn navigation skills.
  • You learn to steer to the kayak without the help of a partner.
  • Most importantly, you learn the independence and self-gratification of solo kayaking.

Safety Tips for Solo kayaking

There is a lot to consider before jumping into a kayak along. Always put safety first. The list below tips to help you safely plan and execute your solo kayaking trip.

  • There is more to know about the river or stream you plan on floating than you can learn by simply fishing or camping on its banks; so, do your research. Find a stream or river that is listed on a waterway map and study the map diligently.
  • Contact the local Parks and Recreation Department and speak to their experts about the conditions of the water.
  • Check in with the Parks and Recreation before setting out on your trip. It is important they know you will be on the waterway alone. Tell them the time you plan on starting and ending your trip.
  • It is also important to tell a friend or family member before setting out on a solo kayaking trip.
  • Have knowledge of the weather conditions. It is not fun being in a storm while kayaking solo.

Equipment List for the Solo Kayaker

  • Spare paddle
  • Cell phone or Walkie Talky, to signal for help if needed
  • Kayak repair kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Life Jacket
  • Flashlight
  • Flare Gun
  • Waterproof bag for your important items
  • Sunblock, and sunglasses, towels
  • Eye drops and lip balm
  • Water shoes and a change of clothes
  • A cooler filled with food and beverages

We hope you are now armed with the necessary knowledge and equipment to help you have a safe enjoyable solo kayaking trip. Remember above all, stay safe and enjoy your trip!

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