Discover the lonely planet on earth

It will be amazing to know that still there is a lonely planet on earth which is still wonderful. It is wonderful in the sense that it has awesome natural beauty. It is the land where landscape is scattered with gilded pagodas and the traditional ways of Asia endure. People from all the countries across the globe come to visit this land of stupas and pagodas.

The wonderful beauty from temples to golden rocks: It is for sure that travel to Myanmar can be always a memorable one in your life. Myanmar or Burma is perhaps the most beautiful Buddhist nation on earth. It has a dizzying array of golden pagodas and ancient temples which is perched in splendid isolation on hillsides and sandwiched between busy city streets. Once you are in Myanmar never forget to visit the Shwedagon in the cool of dawn for a more tranquil experience. You can also join the crowds who gather here just before dusk, when the Shwedagon shimmers in the setting sun. There are number of places where you can take awesome clicks.

 The beauty of golden rock: The golden rock named as Mt Kyaiktiyo in southeast Myanmar is one of the country’s most famous pilgrimage spots. People usually come here to visit this religious place. It’s also the most eye catching as it has a huge gilded boulder topped by a small stupa that resembles exactly like  topple down the mountainside at any moment. The beauty of the rock reaches its extreme point especially when the first ray of sun falls on it.

Let’s commence a beautiful journey on earth: Myanmar travel can really be an awesome one in your life. All that is needed is a proper and systematic way of planning. From the temple-strewn plains of Bagan to the glassy waters of Inle Lake, Myanmar’s beauty is simply beyond imagination. Let’s go and discover the destinations. Myanmar welcomes each and every tourist with open arms. While travellers may be met with shy smiles & curious eyes they also receive special attention`, for better or worse. The train conductors often refuse to accept any type of payment and passengers often offer their best seats. It’s similar treatment that the Burmese offer to monks! Experience the best of local hospitality, scenery & culture on the train ride from Dawei to Mawlamyine. The hospitality of the state is simply great. They greet each and every tourist to their land with wide smile and love. You will not feel that you are away from home.

Inle Lake is considered to be a very famous place in the state. The Lake is quite well established on the typical touristic route in Myanmar. In order to get a perfect experience it is better to avoid the touristic boat tours that roam around for shopping opportunities and other related things. The real joy of Inle Lake is interaction with local people. Their smile will really amaze you. Outside of touristic Nyaung Shwe area are villages and pastures waiting to be discovered. You can also enjoy on the sugarcane fields. Thus if you are planning for a holiday to Myanmar take some more days. If you don’t watch the beauty then you will really miss a lot. It seems that nature is always talking to you. God has made this land with utmost care and love.

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