What to Expect from Your Hatta Safari Tour

Tourists have heard of Dubai desert safari deals but Hatta Safari tours are new. Hatta is a range of mountains near the city of Dubai and tourism companies provide services to tour this mountain range. However, only a few companies do it and a vast majority of tourists are unfamiliar with Hatta Safari tours. The tour is exciting since you can experience the breathtaking landscape while trekking through it. This mountainous range tour is singular in its nature because people don’t often find mountains in the middle of the desert.

It is fortunate, that a lot of companies are now offering Hatta Safari from Dubai tours. It is perfect for people who were planning on spending the whole of their vacation in Dubai. They can easily buy a Hatta safari package from an online as well as local tourism company and enjoy a full day in the Hatta mountains without changing cities. For people, who are going on their first Hatta Safari tour, here are some things you can expect from this tour.

Pick and Drop Service

Just like the pick and drop service in desert safari tours, a vehicle will pick up from the hotel according to the time schedule. The tour usually takes about half a day or sometimes a complete day but the vehicle will definitely drop you off at your hotel after the tour ends. Make sure to look for this service while browsing for the best Hatta Mountain safari deals. You may have to pay some extra charges for this but remember that having this service is far more rewarding than its price.

The Hatta Mountains

The journey starts with a thrilling dune bashing ride in the desert and continues on for some time. After which, the majestic mountains of Hatta will begin to come into sight. The ride can get very bumpy and it is advisable to firmly hold on to something in order to avoid injuries and serious harm. At this point, some companies also allow you to go for off-road tracking, which means you can walk about the mountains on own your.

The Hatta Hill Park

The Hatta hill park is the destination of this safari tour but there are still a lot of things you can enjoy. Throughout the journey, you will see small traditional villages at intervals but the Hatta Heritage Village is a sight on its own. The Hatta Heritage Village is the oldest village in Dubai and approximately dates back to two centuries. The architecture and design of the houses are unique and gives out a timeless effect. If you want to genuinely know about the history of Dubai, then the Hatta Heritage village should be your destination.

Freshwater Springs and Delicious Food

One things to look out for in the Hatta hill park is the freshwater springs and lakes. There is an abundance of freshwater sources where you can swim all you want. At the end of the tour, you should look forward to the delicious and mouth-watering traditional food prepared by the natives.


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